Many people think of Woman’s History month as a time to celebrate the accomplishments once a year. In reality Women’s History month should be celebrated all year long. There are outstanding accomplishments by women everyday. They are not afraid to launch into careers that were dominated by men. They have accepted this as a reality in their profession. Over the years the number of women in medicine, engineering and business has grown. They are becoming the role models for future generations of leaders in this country. It is great to witness woman who add a diverse perspective in education or business professions.

At the forefront of education there are women who lead as superintendents of schools, principals, teachers, college, faculty and presidents. In Philadelphia Dr. Ackerman is transforming the best practices of teachers and administrators across the School District. Women bring fresh ideas into the halls of education. They are designing the new curriculum that incorporates technology like smart boards and computers. Women understand that there are multiple ways to learn. The future of education will be transformed by teachers who are willing to innovate by using new classroom instruction methods. Change is also evident in some schools were students are using laptop computers throughout their day.

As we move forward into the 21st century, we must never forget the ways that women have positively altered our lives. Their words have carried the power to change state and federal policies. They have authored books that challenge each of us to strive to be excellent people. If we continue to value the contribution of woman our future will be brighter and our lives forever changed. Leaders such as Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are leading the way in government. They are offering valuable insights to young women who are pursuing leadership roles in their local communities

Woman’s History Month is a time to celebrate the sacrifices that woman have made to ensure that this country is progressing. Women have worked in fortune 500 companies that have understood the value of their contribution. The talents that they have exhibited demonstrate an ability to do any job that is put before them. Women continue to enter careers where few have ventured. The perception that women cannot succeed in math classes is being shattered every day. We need the contributions of women at all levels of science, technology, engineering and math professions. For many women the exposure to these professions could not have come soon enough. They may be the first person in their family to attend college and consider an engineering or science career.

Women have made significant contributions to this country in times of war and peace. They have experienced the burden of a country in crisis. In homes across American, women have offered wise advice to children who become our future leaders. This is a part of history that is often ignored. Women also provide a compass for the future generations to venture into new frontiers. Let’s make Women’s History Month a celebration of our past and our future.