Computer Sci. Unplugged

There are a variety of “unplugged” tools and exercises that you can use to teach computer programming.  These resources are especially useful to teach younger children (Ages 3-6).


Computer Science Unplugged Ages 4+

When it comes to Computer Science Unplugged, we all have Tim Bell to thank for creating an information clearinghouse that is truly amazing. If you are looking for videos, lesson plans, activities and a host of other information related to unplugged activities, this should certainly be your first stop.   


Computer Science Unplugged Google Group

Share ideas and experiences on this Google Group. Tim Bell, the creator of Computer Science Unplugged posts regularly.


Code Monkey Island Ages 8+

Welcome to Code Monkey Island, the board game designed to teach players of all ages computer science logic! As the wise leader of your own tribe of monkeys, it’s up to you to guide all three of your monkeys safely around the board and into the banana grove. You’ll have to use concepts like conditional statements, looping, booleans, assignment operators and more to earn moves for your monkeys, dodge quicksand traps, and score some delicious fruit along the way! After its successful Kickstarter campaign, Code Monkey Island is being used in thousands of homes and classrooms around the world, helping children and adults alike discover the magic and fun of coding.


Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding

Online activities available now, and you can pre-order the book due for release October 2015.

Meet Ruby–a small girl with a huge imagination. In Ruby’s world anything is possible if you put your mind to it. When her dad asks her to find five hidden gems Ruby is determined to solve the puzzle with the help of her new friends, including the Wise Snow Leopard, the Friendly Foxes, and the Messy Robots.

As Ruby stomps around her world kids will be introduced to the basic concepts behind coding and programming through storytelling. Learn how to break big problems into small problems, repeat tasks, look for patterns, create step-by-step plans, and think outside the box. With hands-on activities included in every chapter, future coders will be thrilled to put their own imaginations to work.


Robot Turtles Ages 3-8

Robot Turtles is a board game you play with your favorite 3-8 year old kids.

It sneakily teaches the fundamentals of programming. Also has accompanying e-book where kids can explore the world of Beep, the Robot Turtle, and learn about functions at story time. Melt ice walls, knock over tables, and meet Hopper the Function Frog.  32 pages, fully illustrated. Includes an interactive touch & click- version & a printable version.


Thinkersmith Ages 7+


The team at Thinkersmith provides two free activities along with a number of high quality affordable unplugged activities.