Increasing student engagement and achievement, developing students as lifelong learners, preparing students for college and careers, and reducing inequities are common goals in schools across the US — and, we know, are ones not easy to accomplish. But that does not mean they are impossible – many educators, administrators, researchers, and experts agree that, when done well, personalized learning makes a significant difference for students. While we recognize that personalized learning is, in many ways, good teaching amplified, there is no shortage of detailed, in-the-weeds as well as big picture questions about the implementation, the key elements, and the measures of success of personalized learning. But navigating all the information out there is challenging and it is often hard to find exact answers.

Based on our experience working with over 750 schools and 140 districts across the US., we have created this guide to provide a curated set of resources and literature about how personalized learning is most effectively applied in K-12 settings, alongside many of the tools and resources that we have internally developed to help our district partners launch, implement and sustain personalized learning.

You will learn:

What is personalized learning and why it is important
How to implement it successfully and the risks and traps to avoid
What do personalized learning classrooms look like
What does success in personalized learning look like
How to scale personalized learning
How to communicate about this innovative initiative

You will find:

Tools, frameworks, guides, reports, videos, case studies and white papers that can help you in your personalized learning journey, whether you’re considering it, launching it, supporting it, sustaining it or scaling it in your school or district.
Information and ideas that are actionable and will shape your work moving forward