Employers and employees all over the world are making very good use of mobile devices through enterprise mobility. The introduction of Smartphones and such other mobile devices has taken the productivity of many businesses to the next levels. In case you haven't still opted for enterprise mobility solutions, you are really missing something. Such solutions can make your business prosper swiftly and conveniently. With such solutions, entrepreneurs can make decisions quickly and easily. And we all know what difference good and swift decision making can make.

Businesses need to select the state of the art technologies to meet the requirements and demands of their customers. The technologies and methods used by them should be capable enough to enhance the functioning of the enterprise. There are lots of platforms that can be selected for enterprise mobility. Let's have a look at them to understand their basics which can help you a lot in selecting one for you.

BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OS is the leading enterprise mobility solution platform due to its inbuilt security and user friendly features. As we all know, BlackBerry supposes to be one of the most popular Smartphones, so selecting this platform can be quite beneficial. There are many features which can be given the credit of its popularity. Enterprise mobility applications made on the base of BlackBerry platform provides secure access to the web. This feature is the most desirable one among all the features of the OS.

iOS (iPhone)

The popularity of iOS is creating new history every day. With the day by day increasing popularity of iPhones and iPads, it's becoming more and more imperative for the businesses to have iOS based enterprise mobility solutions to let their business grow with desired pace. The competitive environment out there necessitates every entrepreneur to adopt such affective solutions. You definitely will find it useful to get an iOS based enterprise app.

Android OS

The popularity Android has gained has really no match. It holds the biggest share in the Smartphone market. Two of the biggest reasons behind its popularity are easy availability of compatible apps and easy configuration and usage. These qualities have made it the preferred Smartphone for many entrepreneurs and employees. As most of the Smartphones being used run on Android OS, launching an Android app can make you reach a wider section of audience. Moreover, enterprise mobility solutions based on Android are very cost effective. Android OS goes perfectly with lots of devices, which makes enterprise mobility solutions based on it have a wider reach.

Additional Platforms

Some other platforms like Microsoft Windows and Symbian are also there which can be used for enterprise mobility services. It's really good to go for a cross-platform mobility solution so that you don't have to go for various native solutions for different operating systems. But while adopting such solutions, you need to make sure that the app delivers perfect user experience. You must select such a platform which ensures great growth of your enterprise.