Do you ever think about to create ideas for new innovations or new invention? The simplest technique is that if you have a product then understand the basic ideas of that product and use those ideas in new areas. That means evaluate that product and its technology from top to base. If you go deeper and deeper you will get more information from that about that invention.

New inventions are taking place in every field. Whatever things are here in the world in each minute a news invention or new technology is developing. Now a day everything becomes automatic. For example the washing machines, car locking system, TV sleep system. In washing machines we can give the time limit if the time limit reaches it automatically stops. Same as in TV, we can adjust the sleep time and can turn off and turn on the TV when we want.

The best example for the new invention or technology is the mobile we all are using. How fast the technology is developing. I think mobile is the best example for the technology development. In each day a new technology mobile is introducing in markets.

The other best example is computers and monitors. We can see the monitor changing from our old model to the new LCD monitors. They are using less power than the old one and getting more comfortable to our eyes, the other change is pc to laptop. So we can see the hand of new invention in every field like gifts, gadgets, electronic medias everywhere.