When history looks back on the last few decades and the infancy of the Internet can be properly defined, it will likely be chronicled that the Internet is the greatest learning tool since the printing press. Even small African villages where basic electricity can sometimes be a rarity, computers and the Internet are changing the way people view the world. Along with millions of pages dedicated to news, politics, and other things, technology is always a dominant subject on a medium powered by the latest technological inventions. Here are just a few sites you can visit for the latest in tech news.

The site cNet has been a leader in all things technology for years. Not only do they have a mountain of news stories dedicated to technology, but they also have a seemingly never-ending amount of product reviews. They also run the popular Download.com site that allows you to download samples of software or freeware and shareware programs from around the world. Ask any hardcore computer geek about this site and they will likely tell you that they have it bookmarked and that they check-in with cNet at least once per day.

Following closely behind cNet is ZDnet. They have been around almost as long and have crafted a fine reputation for not only breaking news on all things technology but also having some of the best opinion writers on staff, as well. Many of the stories have comments enabled, which means you can fire back at a columnist who is voicing an opinion that you think is absurd. Remember, just because someone has something printed on the Internet, it doesn't mean that person has any idea what they are talking about. Just remember to stay civil and respectful when making your point.

Some of the best mainstream news outlets available also have excellent technology news departments, as well. Sites like the San Francisco Chronicle, situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, CNN, MSNBC and the BBC all have web pages with technology sections that are updated several times per day. It is always fun to read the same major breaking news story from more than one perspective, and the Internet allows you to do that without even batting an eyelash. Oftentimes, big tech news stories break through and end up on the main page for these sites so you won't even have to go looking for them.

Following in the footsteps of the major news agencies, the new kids on the block are also attempting to cover tech news. Sites like Yahoo News and Google News now have full time reporters on the beat and they regularly break stories that the other sites miss. This is a case of companies making so much money and having little idea of ​​what to do with it, so they start their own news service. These sites are worth visiting, however, and you may read something you wouldn't have read in the old-fashioned press.