People living in hot and humid climate sweat a lot leaving bad odor which can irritate others. In fact no one is to be blamed particularly if the odor emitting person has made good use of deodorants. Scientifically its been proven that when we sweat microbial bacteria are produced which emit this rather uneasy smell. Odors depend from person to person. Some may smell not as badly as others. Odors at times become unbearable particularly if you are in a public place leading to some kind of embarrassment. Good cultured and learned people do not want to loose their pride due bad odor. So if you are among these gentle people there here is some news for you. A new type of yarn is being produced in the textile industry which is being used to make fabrics that are odor resistant.

The yarn is called the body fresh yarn which incorporates antimicrobial agent using a new Technology. This is an advanced silver-based technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew, mold and other microorganisms that can cause odors, discoloration and deterioration of various consumer and commercial products. By incorporating this technology into the yarn, apparel manufacturers can have a fine microfibres yarn which promises increased freshness through effective antimicrobial protection. Antimicrobial microfibres assist in controlling odor, making the product more attractive to sportspeople and outdoor enthusiasts. Companies are studying about the demand for fabrics made from this yarn in the marketplace for antibacterial yam and tested several antimicrobials seeking a product that could provide high temperature stability and wash resistance. Nylon 6.6 yarn is used during the fiber formation process for incorporating the new body fresh yarn technology. This new technology also offers benefits in terms of durability as the fabric will retain its antimicrobial properties through at least 50 washings.