According to World Health Organization, in each and every year more than 1.25 million people die in the road accidents or traffic crashes, and many are injured. As we know, sudden loss of a person or a body part is very terrible to manage their whole life. Mostly teens are injured and died in the road accidents because lack of awareness about driving skills and distracted driving solutions.

Distracted driving means the act of driving while engaged in other activities, which takes drivers attention and that causes an accident. To avoid those accidents, distracted driving solutions are introduced, which are helpful to avoid and prevent the vehicle crashes.

Some of the well-known companies provide solutions for distracted driving with DriveScreen technology that can be managed by the Android mobile devices. It offers great control over your surroundings and allows you to use any application, such as block, launch, hide and etc.

The DriveScreen technology ensures a safe and secure driving at anywhere for any vehicle. This technology is very beneficial due to its excellent features. The benefits include:

• Allows applications to be seen but disables user input.

• Install any app and fill the screen with all kinds of navigation applications, it’s very useful for easy navigation.

• When the vehicle goes in motion the screen can be configured to be hidden by any graphic that you choose. The default is a blank screen.

• Motion detection can be provided by the GPS.

• Works with Windows as well as Android.

• Can work with Android devices, also work with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

• Requires only a configuration file to install.

• Processes cannot be stopped by limited users.

This technology works based on GPS signals, it is specially designed to work along with external and internal GPS receivers. If GPS signals are unavailable, it can also work with the help of Motion Sensing devices in the indoor environment.

Best Solutions to Prevent Distracted Driving

• Completely avoid the texting and using mobile devices while driving.

• Keep your eyes on the road and be conscious, when you’re driving.

• Wear helmet or seat belt without fail to protect yourself from injury.

• If you are drowsy or drunk, don’t drive yourself.

• Check for the safety and make an adjustment before start driving.

• Install drive mode apps in your vehicle for easy navigation and to know about the surroundings.

• Secure children and pets before you get underway.

• Avoid eating meals or breakfast while driving on the road.

• Follow the speed limits and traffic rules.