Cyberocracy: Information As Power – Cyberocracy Rulership Is Coming?

Ruling with Information! According to futurology – the way that we are headed IS Cyberocracy. The effective use of information to essentially rule as ‘Alternative Responsible Government’.

A speculative system as up until now there has been no precedent of such a government. Although a rising number of models exist, Cyberocracy stands a very high chance of becoming the norm for many nations.

Information, and the control of information here is key. Next step in political evolution? Modern times have seen many new types of people being allowed into the ruling arena thanks to Democracy and Bureaucracy. Democracy and Bureaucracy are forms of government that took shape to replace Aristocracy – The High-Born in society ruling. Theocracy – society ruled by church. Can another change along the ruling timeline possibly be Cyberocracy? Through revolution comes change, revolution of information and communication technology can and will pave the way. Ultimately information technology will shape politics more than we have ever seen.

Living in a Post-Industrial Society, informing and communicating take the place of the once was before, the capital and labor devices of – Industrial Society. Information transforms and moulds power. Traditional modes of power are transformed and the physical/material parameters of before are replaced by the new non-physical and non-material intellectual currencies of Cyber-Enlightenment.

Many current world leaders will go down in history as being of the last of their kind as this radical new form of government will surely take place of the old political models. Many nations and societies will experience new hybrid forms of rulership. Different blends that suit the current sociology of the time. Although many pending changes to rulership do not come without a dark side, and many in this field of speculation have very little or no idea just what this new form of rulership will even look like.

Cyberocracy is a form of government that redefines and builds new relations and roads between the public sector and the private sector. These new inroads of communication will ultimately be the dynamic that only cross-pollinating of Information/Technology between the people can achieve.

Decision making by Information becomes the heart and soul. Cultural, sociological, psychological, environmental and even new-age spiritualism will become the emphasis of new policy-making/opinions of the people – public or private. Being highly reactive to situations using the most relevant information at hand inevitably will lead to AI Technology for lightening speed help/decision making and even more closer, personable help/decision making that current systems just would not be able to compete with. Thinking alongside the AI’s. Eventually a government – machine-ruled, taking digital democracy to a new level – Cyberocracy!

Just as new combinations of old ideas are mixed to form new thinking, eventually the creation of entirely new thought takes place. Tools and platforms that have taken us through these changes are notably: The Printing Press, The Typewriter, The Abacus. Old thought goes through a process and comes out as new thought, whether we are mostly aware of this or not. Similarly, the ever-changing affect of people thinking and working together on new levels never seen before. Same is the concept of humans working and ‘thinking’ alongside Artificial Intelligence. Quite often a stand out difference (from human) will not even be noticed.

This increasingly interconnected world will always be on the build one way or another. Population levels, ever-changing occupational paths, habitation of other worlds getter closer – Information IS Key. Does this unequivocally mean that the ‘human condition’ is on the improve, or are we just going sideways? Nevertheless ‘information’ is inherently what humans all crave. Cyber-Speed Information could very well lead toward all individuals living in a Cyber-Bubble – electing their own personal-government that helps/decides crucial affairs minute by minute. Would this cause more political division in societies or would it merely leave everyone to their own devices/bubbles? We create our very own ’round table’ governments in our lives out of the AI Sphere.

The hierarchy and The Top Sight: Teams, whether human, non-human, (or mixed) from different levels and branches still rely on hierarchy. This hierarchy still needs to exist in any possible form of effective teams of leadership to be productive in any measure. Structures of the open kind, processes more fluid, more management at the ‘top sight’. More central understanding of the big picture. The most precious of all the commodities known to humans – IS the intellectual big picture.

It has been widely known that Communist States fear all stages of the information revolution, (especially being in the hands of the people). The revolution in communication forces nations to reconsider all they once knew, to open up and adapt to new systems.

As new technology favours democracy – so too Cybercracy embraces the Intellectual on the Open Forward Path in a Landscape of the Cyber.

Ash Solomon