With the invasion of computers in our life since the early nineties, every other thing is now being operated by computers. They have made our lives simpler and better in various facets. Be it arts, medical sciences, sports, technology, entertainment, we are governed by computers to a great extent and with this advent, we often hear the word, computer engineering. Needless to say, mostly used incorrectly and often interchangeably. How do we know if someone is a computer engineer? Is every person who works on a computer and is able to perform some basic maintenance activities, an engineer?

Most often than not, people are mislead by the wrong interpretation of this very term. Let's decode exactly what a computer engineer is and what he does. Technically speaking, a computer engineer can be referred to a person who is qualified in the fundamentals of concepts of electrical engineering in amalgam with computer sciences. Now, reading it between the lines might seem easy but it is not. Engineers carve and refine their portfolio based on principles of engineering and computer development operations.

They apply these techniques later on to fit specific computer science issues and challenges. It would sound strange when I would say that the computer is actually a living organism, but seeing the daily occurring evolution's and changes, you would coincide with me, and Darwin's theory as well. Computer engineers implement engineering skills combined with an understanding of software and hardware design and implementation in a single theory. They work towards improvement of various branches and aspects of computers such as security, networking, software development, designing new devices and even artificial intelligence.

With the fast pace of our lives, computers have slowly crept in, and same goes for the demand of confident, qualified and proficient computer engineers. A decade ago, there were just a few players in the industry who were driving the whole of the world by providing solutions and meeting demands of daily growing computer user database but now, the scenario has changed. Today, we have plentiful computer engineers working from search engines to application development, cloud computing to database solutions, automobiles to mobile networking, bionics to ticketing and retailing.

An added advantage is that these computer engineers come with an added skill of knowledge about electrical systems. Thus, they work together with electrical engineers and collaborate with them to offer a great deal of services such as cabling, optics and medical equipment's. It has arrived as a boon for most of us since now, we are progressing at a terrific speed towards newer technologies. Today, able computer engineers are in huge demand due to outreach of technology and economics in even the farthest of places.

They are offering customized solutions to their firms and making people lives better. Some of the examples are – hospitality industry to create more efficient facility management systems, automobile industry to create better machines with more speed, safety and maneuverability, telecom for providing better, cheaper and sturdy network solutions to increase users, banking to handle transactions and customers more safely.