While running a K12 organization, it becomes extremely important to collect money through fundraising events to sponsor the events of the particular institute round the year. Hence, almost all K12 schools arrange fundraisers at regular intervals. Money collected through donations is used to buy text books for students, sponsor their educational trips, or fund similar other activities.

The online class management software helps you arrange K12 academic fundraising events like never before. The software offers powerful, time-saving fundraising events registration process to create sign-up pages in minutes. Besides, it comes with a rich set of tools to accomplish your task of easily collecting funds and promoting your cause to as many people as possible.

Online Registration Process

You can use the feature-rich online class registration solution to create and publish complete and customized registration pages, 24×7. The solution enables students, their parents, and others to easily check into the portal to register their names for the fundraising event. You as well as your event registrants can access the registration forms anytime, provided you have access to a computer with an internet connection.

Easy Donations Management

The secure PCI-compliant online payments solution allows people to easily donate via their credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, and similar other payment gateways. Thus, your donors don't have to personally travel to your school to submit money in support of your cause. They can easily do so via the above-mentioned online means.

Create Event Calendar

The online calendaring tool lets you create one or more event calendars for easy viewing by your attendees. They can easily open the online calendar to see the dates and other information related to your next set of fundraisers.

Social Media Websites

You can save ample time by promoting your fundraising campaigns on social media websites. Facebook, Twitter, and similar other social media networks help a lot in promoting your activities and events on the social world. These sites have millions of users regularly browsing through various web pages to gather information according to their interests and needs. Hence, posting your events data on these websites will help you attract the attention of the numerous online social media population. It will hopefully provide a great impetus to your present and future events.

Private Community for Members

You can establish a private community for members to interact and share any useful thoughts covering your fundraisers and similar other charity shows. You can entitle your private community members to register their names instantly, without leaving the community platform. In addition, they can also utilize the option of submitting donations via the online payments solution from within the private community platform.

Online Member Management

The online member management tool lets you easily collect dues from the members and create discount rules and Promo Codes for them. The member management tool will help you raise interest among the people to join in as members and, in the process, support your K12 fundraising cause.

Mobile Application for Events

The mobile application lets your attendees search and view events and register for the same using their Smartphone. Your attendees can quickly register for events via their mobile devices. They can even participate in post-event instant polls as sent by you to collect their feedback on the event's performance. You can even use the mobile phone to post all event-related details on Facebook and Twitter.

Conduct Online Surveys

You can always collect valuable suggestions and feedback from your K12 fundraising event attendees by using the online surveying tool. The tool helps you create a new survey in minutes as well as easily reuse existing surveys for your next fundraiser. There is also the additional provision of automatically sending surveys via email to all your students.